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OnePlus 7 Pro | Two Months Later

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Two month review of the OnePlus 7 Pro, one of the very best flagship Android smartphones of 2019. It's been eight weeks since I first unboxed and played with this non-5G model, and OnePlus has updated the camera to make it even better - while the performance, battery life and OxygenOS experience are still great. This is my full in-depth review of the OP7 Pro, an easy alternative to the Samsung S10+, Huawei P30 Pro and other premium mobiles. I already liked the triple-lens setup of this handset, but a recent update has tweaked the colour balance, HDR and nightscape smarts to make the OnePlus 7 Pro even more of a winner. I still prefer the results I get from Huawei's flagship, but this is definitely one of the best cameraphones of 2019. The battery performance hasn't let me down, although many of the new OxygenOS features do seem a little unnecessary. Overall the experience is still fantastic and very user-friendly. As for the design - well, that gorgeous matte finish hasn't been worn down by the regular use. So the OnePlus 7 Pro should hopefully still be looking fresh in a year or two!