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What Apply First Moisturiser or Sunscreen Or Foundation or Primer

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Hi Everyone, Today i share what apply first moisturiser or sunscreen or foundation My other videos Right sequence to apply face products How To apply Foundation in Summer | How To Apply Foundation Oily Skin How To Apply Foundation on Dry Skin | How to apply foundation in summers |Longlasting Foundation How To Apply Foundation With Brush | Flat Brush Vs Stippling Brush Vs Buffing Brush vs Oval Brush How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner For Beginners| Easy Ways To Apply Winged Eyeliner How To Apply Kajal|Step by step kajal for beginners|Lakme Kajal Step By step Face Contour For Beginners|Quick Easy Face Contouring Nose Contouring For Beginners| Step By Step Nose Contour|Make Your Nose Slimmer Easy Way To Apply Blush| How to apply Blush on BB Cream How To Apply Highlighter| How To choose a Highlighter| DIY Highlighter How To Apply BB Cream with fingers How To Apply CC Cream|Lakme CC Cream Hide Open Pores With Makeup | Hide Large Open Pores Quickly How To Apply Foundation In Winters Foundations Mistakes Why Foundation Become dark or Oxidise Make Your Foundation Long lasting Foundation Tricks