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original song: RIP by Playboi Carti --- i tip toe in this bitch everybody got opinions every got tips tell them twitter finger niggas they can cancel my dick hmm i tip toe in this hoe somebody tell the devil that im knocking at the door in my mansion salsa dancing smile on my face im so handsome i was edgy now its fetti i get my backyard? oh thats the Getty i was in the garden couldnt fathom it was snakes in the grass but i couldnt grab em focus on the eve nah i was focused the green, in the trees with binoculars looking for an adam lemme tell ya i got dreams to sell ya cause yall reek of backwoods and some future failures we was working deals out finalizing hurdles yall was out in paris dick riding Virgil hope them insta photos kept you cool in coach clout yeah, oh you out here? oh you network, where’s your self worth? you niggas dick ride till your neck hurt but nigga we ok boy better know BBK you want war then im GI JOE you get cooked nigga BBQ i diplo and go MIA and skate off like a T.I role niggas pretend to be boss you signed a 360 you lost that 400 for the exhaust ——— mean with walk tell them black boys, to just be, tell them never stop! yeah we all moving, but you aint gotta put us in box we can paint we can, make, whatever we can Lady Bird, we can Baby Boy whatever movie setta you chose just try to do better and dont let em stretch you too thin new leather 666 when we bag em hmmm yall aint even know about the madam, hmmm you can get the packet with the atoms, boom summer just got a lil heater, yeah flower boy gold no gimmicks, i joke and i aint have to fuck akadimiks to post no radio play like once, or so no single video went viral, i know swear yall got the keys i play piano stop nigga im the ammo in the glock church pants sandles with the socks u niggas done you better get the mop no violence curly hair bound to incredible with commas, i make it stretch violets mama, and i go dash in handmade ones the, neck frozone like papas partner