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Albuquerque Police Officer Attacks Man Having Affair With His Wife

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Following an August 2017 incident in which he was arrested off-duty for driving his take-home police car while intoxicated, now-former Albuqueruque police officer Josh Malecki was investigated a couple of months later for allegedly attacking a man in an Albuquerque dog park, an apparent serious escalation of a longstanding issue relating to infidelity in Malecki's marriage. Although Malecki was suspended during the DWI investigation, that suspension was with pay and the case took over nine months to resolve, ultimately concluding with a guilty plea in early-May 2018, a few weeks after Malecki resigned his position as a police officer with APD. ~~~ Want to help make Real World Police happen AND get rewarded for it? Become a supporter on Patreon today and get access to tons of supporter-only content — including the new "Real World Police: Roadcam" series! Prefer PayPal? Prefer nothing? That works too. ~~~ Curious to know how much it costs to obtain this channel's content? Wonder no more, as there is a public post on Patreon that offers a comprehensive and transparent overview — including a link to nearly all of the channel's invoices paid between August 2018 and May 2019. Direct link: ~~~ Interested in understanding the mechanics of fighting for access to public records? Join me on a deep dive into one specific request. Direct link: