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My secret for playing minor pentatonic scales all over the neck! Weekend Wankshop 170

168,079 views 5 55 twitter/instagram @BenEllerGuitars Skype lessons? email [email protected] Weekend Wankshop 170 reveals some of my favorite secrets for playing minor pentatonic scale shapes all over the neck of your guitar! This is one of the most important tricks you can learn to take your playing to the next level. The concept is easy enough to understand, even if you don't have a ton of music theory knowledge. You'll also learn a scorching lick to help you put these concepts to use right away. This lesson is based around C#minor pentatonic in several different positions, using root notes across all your strings instead of just relying on the low E all the time like a lot of players do. Learn those dang notes across all your strings, kids! this lick is also a troy grady/cracking the code style downward pick slanting delight. Playing my G&L Legacy with burnt and destroyed finish by me. Fralin Split Rail pickups into my Kemper Profiler. Thanks for watching!!!