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The Sims 4 (Patch Update) v1.49.65.1020

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Download The Sims 4 (v1.49.65.1020) Lunar New Year Content Update Patch. Feb 5th 2019 Update. Game Version (v1.48.94.1020) is required with all DLC's & running properly before attempting this Patch. Backing up your Game Directory is also recommended prior to patching! If You Enjoyed This Video, Like & Subscribe To See Future Videos! ========================================================= ❗Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game❗ (Version PC - See Patch Notes Here - ======================================================= *IMPORTANTE* please make all apropriate Exclusions for Game Folder Prior to Extracting Zip/RaR, To prevent loss of Crack Files. This will not work on bought versions of the game! To CC users: Added support for Get Famous. You will need to run the batch fix of Sims4Studio (branch Wishes, version to fix the CC prior to loading your saves. (Watch Here) - ======================================================== [ Install Steps: ] 1. Download File 2. Make proper adjustments to Antivirus/Windows Defender/Firewall 3. Extract Compressed File 4. Run "Update.exe" inside Update folder 5. Browse/Locate your Game Directory 6. Copy Contents of CODEX folder to Game Directory & Replace! 7. Choose the right launcher for your System (32Bit) or (64Bit) & Launch Game as Administrator 5. Enjoy! ======================================================= Total Update File Size (222MB) [ Download Links: ] [1] WinRaR (v5.31) - [2] Update Patch (v1.49.65.1020) - (Worried about people watching you Download stuff) - Use a VPN Service! ======================================================= [ Language Help: ] If your game is having blank bubble actions with missing text for certain languages, then you might need to download the updated Language Strings for this Game Version! - (downloads below) - * (Multi Language Strings) v1.49.65.1020 - ( Extract contents to Main Game Directory) [1] For Multi Language Strings (v1.49.65.1020), extract, then Copy & Paste all folders into your Main Games Directory & Replace when prompted. Here is how to place the "Multi Language Strings (v1.49.65.1020)" into the game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1] Download & Extract the Compressed File. [2] Inside the (The Sims 4) folder is a bunch of Folders (these are all the language strings) [3] simply Copy all the folders inside the (The Sims 4) and paste them into your Main Game Directory. [4] When you paste it, you should get prompted to either Skip Files or Replace Files... (Choose Replace) [5] Your game should now be properly updated with all the correct Language Strings for each DLC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Sims 4 [Language Changer] MULTi17 ➜ To change your Games Language simply place the (Languages) folder inside your Game Directory and double click on the language file you wish to change your game into. Click "Yes" on first prompt then "Okay" on second prompt. (Your game should now be in that language) - Windows Registry Entry Presets - for the "The Sims 4" =============================================== If Your Having Issues With CC Mods, Fix & Repair Them Here! Added support for Get Famous! =============================================== ------------------------------------- (Song Used In Video): Candy Says - Beautiful Feeling -------------------------------------