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[슈가송] 사랑스러움의 끝판♡ 장나라(Jang Na-ra) 'Sweet Dream'♪ 투유 프로젝트 - 슈가맨2(Sugarman2) 18회

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2002년 월드컵만큼 큰 사랑을 받은 장나라의 'Sweet Dream'♪ 데뷔한 해에 방송 3사 신인상을 모두 휩쓴 신드롬을 일으킨 슈가맨 장나라! Please enter subtitle of this video in your own language. Anybody can enter subtitle by referring to existing English subtitle. You can make viewers all over the world pleased with your subtitle. Please click below link if you are interested in participating with subtitle. ◎ SUBTITLE SUBMITTING TUTORIAL ✍ Contribute closed captions and subtitles ☞ ▶ "JTBC Youtube channel communicating with fans faster" View more videos & informations ☞ 📢 Homepage : 📢 Youtube : 📢 Facebook : 📢 Twitter : 📢 INSTAGRAM :