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BlackBox Cosmetics Scam

577 views 2 0 BlackBox Cosmetics Review - Is It A Scam? Welcome to this video about: BlackBox Cosmetics Review 0:01 - BlackBox Scam - Intro 0:42 - BlackBox Scam - Legit or not? 1:40 - The truth about people who call BlackBox Cosmetics a scam 2:20 - Why people still fail 3:33 - What to do ... I hope this will help you answer your burning questions about this company and help you make a decision as to your next step in building a business from home. Just to be clear, I am not an affiliate or customer of BlackBox Cosmetics at the time of writing this information. This is a 3rd party evaluation of the BlackBox Cosmetics business. So, is it fair to call BlackBox scam ? In my research I have found that BlackBox Cosmetics is NOT a scam. It's a legitimate company based in the network marketing industry, which is a legal business model. One of the main ingredients in BlackBox Cosmetics products is aloe and all the products are all non-toxic. There's no nasty chemicals or parabens that is really bad for your skin. So, why does BlackBox Cosmetics get called a scam? In a nutshell, it's because BlackBox Cosmetics is based in the network marketing industry and a lot of people don't like the network marketing industry. They think it's a pyramid scheme. Let me be clear. Pyramid schemes are different and are ILLEGAL. BlackBox Cosmetics is not. You may want to have a closer look at what type of people are calling it a scam. A lot of the time it's people who are ex-network marketers who are disgruntled with the industry - maybe they tried and failed at network marketing ... maybe more than once. The problem is that many of these people also may have thought that they were going to get rich quick by sharing their business with just a few friends. When that didn't happen they go around bashing network marketing, when in fact it's them that quit, not that the company failed them or is a scam. Conclusion: BlackBox Cosmetics Review - Is it a scam? No, definitely not. The business has products that consumers want and distributors get paid commissions for sharing those products. However, the upsetting this is ...most of the distributors of BlackBox Cosmetics will fail the very first year because they do not have the skills and training to head out there and recruit suppliers in their down line. I have discovered that the only way to succeed, you need to be able to sponsor people and show them how to market themselves and their business properly too. If you are in BlackBox Cosmetics or another multi level marketing marketing company, you owe it to on yourself to get the training that you should take your business to the next level. BlackBox is an excellent business opportunity, but if you don't have the training and capabilities to bring in representatives in to your down line you will fail. Don't have a hard time when you don't have to. Find out how you can create your business online. Click on the link to get your free presentation training video that will show you how to get leads for your business online.