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Pistol Shooting Tips for Engaging Multiple Targets & Fast Double Taps

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Tweet This Video! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Google+: Hello everyone! This video was created to help you get off to a good start to my Speed Shoot Challenge video. Hopefully this video will aid you in increasing your speed and accuracy for your shooting skills. If you find this video helpful, be sure and "LIKE" it and SHARE it! Thanks for watching and I can't wait to see your speed shooting video! Disclaimer/Warning: Firearms and all related information, including but not limited to actual firearms, parts for firearms, factory ammo, reloaded ammo, reloading information, caliber information, firearms information, and reloading equipment/components, are potentially dangerous and can cause great harm, property damage,personal injury, and death. It is the complete responsibility and legal obligation of the viewer to be properly trained in the use of firearms, firearms safety, and to correctly handle, load, unload, use, transport, maintain, and store your firearms, ammunition, and reloading equipment and components in a safe manner and in accordance with all applicable laws and statutes. Always refer to factory firearms manuals, instructions, and precautions, refer to official reloading manuals when reloading, take a firearms class by a certified instructor, and be aware of all local, state, and federal firearms laws. Use your common sense. You are completely responsible for your own actions. Be an honest and law-abiding citizen and be safe. The information at this site is provided for informational purposes only. NicTaylor00 and the authors and contributors of all information and content on this YouTube channel are not liable in any way for any errors that may be contained therein. Certain content, such as user comments or forum posts, are not authored by nor represent NicTaylor00 in any way. Any opinions, advice, statements, or other information or content expressed or made available by third parties, are those of the respective author(s) and not of NicTaylor00. NicTaylor00 and the authors and contributors of all information and content on this YouTube channel are not liable in any way for any actions that are taken by the readers based on the information presented. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury of any kind as a result of NicTaylor00 or any information contained therein. NicTaylor00 is not affiliated with any firearm manufacturers, ammunition manufacturers, or firearm accessory manufacturers. The information provided on NicTaylor00 is not an endorsement nor a disapproval of any firearm or other product or service.