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Time Traveler Who Visited 2118 Warns of WW3

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Alexander Smith claims to be a time traveler who was involved in a top secret experiment in the year 1981 in which he traveled through time to the year 2118. While in the future, Smith claims to have had multiple conversations with humans, intelligent AI, and even aliens. Alexander also showed a picture which allegedly depicts a future city in the year 2118. What do you think? Our original interview with Alexander Smith Here's a picture he claims to have taken in the year 2118 Time Travel Playlist ► Subscribe to ApexTV for more paranormal videos like this! We at ApexTV try our hardest to bring the latest incredible paranormal clips from around the world to audiences worldwide. (Subscribe link below!) ***LINKS*** Channel ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► Website ► ★More Videos★ Time Traveler Brought This Technology Back From 3780 Time Traveler From 4932 Reveals Future President Time Traveler Caught on 911 Call Time Traveler From 2075 Man Predicting The Future in 1945 100% True Time Traveler Took This Video in The Year 2120 Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 10,000 Time Traveler Took This Picture In The Year 6000 Time Traveler From The Year 2250 Tells About The Future Time Traveler From 2030 LIE DETECTOR Test 10 Teleportations Caught on Camera Time Traveler Explains Our FUTURE & How Time Travel Works Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Tells All Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 5000 ⮟ Last Video ⮟ 5 Ancient Artworks That are Proof of Time Travel Pertaining to the title of this video, Alexander Smith also mentions WW3, saying that tensions between North Korea and the United States rise resulting in a conflict.