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Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Jaden And Willow Smith

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Growing up in Hollywood is hard, particularly if you happen to be the look-a-like children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. But, alas, even celebrity kids are susceptible to the fickle ways of the teenage mind. These are the things in Jaden and Willow Smith's lives that make no sense. (But really, would you expect anything less?) For those of you who don't cruise the 280-character musings of the internet-at-large, you're missing out on the gems that are Willow and Jaden Smith's Twitter accounts. Willow once tweeted: "ANYTHING that I EVER do is geared towards the evolution and vibrational elevation of this planet through the inspiration of individuals." Deep stuff. But over the years, it's Jaden who's really honed his tweet aesthetic. Some of his greatest hits include, "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real" and "What Is The Definition Of "Light"?" But perhaps there's a method to Jaden's social media madness. After all, he once tweeted, "I Don't Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely." Sounds like that's about as much explanation as we're gonna get, for what's going on there. #WillSmith #JadenSmith #WillowSmith Jaden's entire Twitter | 0:18 The definition of "black tie affair" | 1:20 Will and Jada's parenting style | 2:00 That infamous interview | 2:49 Jaden's grand plan | 3:29 Managing their business | 4:06