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ANOTHER CLOSE BATTLE! - Super Mega Baseball 2 | Ep.21

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SMB 2 Playlist - Again we face the Warhawks who do have Malcome Mayle in the lineup this time. We're still in search of our first win, and hope to get one against our division rivals. The developers did give me a code for this game. Super Mega Baseball 2 is one of my most anticipated games of the year after enjoying the first so much. There are a lot of new improvements you can see in the beta, with much better visuals, improved player models, customization to players and teams, online h2h, co-op, and more. On my MrHurriicaneLP channel I make sports gaming lets play series. My series focus on building teams and players from sports like baseball and football. I play games such as Madden 18, NCAA Football 14, Backbreaker, MLB The Show 17 and more. My Main Channel (MrHurriicane) - Twitter - Facebook -