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Hello friends. Some of the films shot during the period of the green pine where the most important films of the NYGMA Turkish cinema are found have very important mistakes ... The faulty scenes in the movies are often so amateurish that you can say that this is not the case when I show them in the video. Now let's watch those tragicomic scenes together ... 1. You can see that everyone in the car goes down ... but then the car is getting accustomed to it ... 2. In this film called Summer Bazaar, Araca binds and daytime .... again later in the night ..... while going back in the daytime .... 3. In the film that Kemal Sunal played, the camera team first, then the curious viewers are very clear .... In the 4th Cannabis class film, we see that the date is written on the board, and the text is deleted immediately on the next scene ... 5. Before hitting the bucket in the Sakar prairie movie, the bottom of the bucket appears pre-pierced ... 6. Orhan Gencebay played this movie, it was interesting to make them look like a car in the back seat ... 7. In the movie Stupid Millionaires, four brothers say that they are sons of Sheshqet ... then they are Behçetin's sons ... 8. After the sleeping pills have been poured in the right hand barrel, the girl gives the left hand glasses ... 9. Look at the naked eye of the child. The clothes he wore before he landed in the basement changed from one point to the next ... It looks like the glass on the 10th frame is broken and the glass is not broken in the next scene ... DO NOT REMEMBER YOUR OTHER VIDEO ►SURVIVOR ALL REALITIES ►CANEED CALLED ANGELS ►NEWLINE INSPECTIONS ► RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PROGRAMS AND DISCOVERY ►NOVA PROSPEKT DISPLAY VIDEO ►BREAKING SESPERANCE DEATH AND SOUND ►SORU-ANSWER VIDEOOSU ►PSYCHOLOGICAL BROKEN COMMERCIAL VIDEO ALL VIDEOS IN PLAYLISTS ►https: // SOCIAL MEDIA CALCULATIONS ►https: // to ►https: // to ►https: // to ►Watching to be SUBSCRIBE: ► For other videos in the channel: https: // Interesting information interesting events Disclosure videos Turkish disclosure Paranormal events Paranormal images Unusual events All facts unknowns True face Evidence and lies