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I've talked about two ways to get rid of laziness. You may have heard the first of these. You haven't heard the other one because I produced it and put the name boeing. Listen to both of them, whichever makes sense, you bring it into your life. You can subscribe to live broadcasting and not to miss new videos ► ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: Hikmet Anıl Öztekin Books: ► Like Elif ► Like Elif 2 ► Thank you ► Thank you 2 ► Basil ► Water-based ► NEW BOOK IN MAY 2018 Al Where do you get the books? Kan To get signed, Her All D & R stores and books from anywhere .Com. From the internet to and .Com To receive with payment at the door Siniz For abroad you can get it from ... ► If you want to help with subtitles and translations; Contact Hikmet directly Live for Him for what you have.