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Speed of Love-Undertale AU's Animation/AMV

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Edit#2: Geez Guys, you are still watching it. This is old and really bad xd Why are you doing it? I'm no longer in the Undertale fandom but come see any of my newest video please... Edit : Thank you all for so much likes and comments. I will never expect that this animation will be so popular, but please stop commenting in Russian I don't understand any of that comments D: I'm finally finished! My first normal animation :D I don't know what to say so I just hope you like it C: Undertale Underswap Flowerfell Fellswap Outertale Aftertale Ink, Error, Fresh and Paperjam Underfell (There's fell Chara ;) ) Song: by: Owl City Programs Used: *Sony Vegas Pro 13 *Paint Tool Sai (Pozdrawiam Dawida który pomógł wymyślać kilka scen :3)