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Fun Town jingle

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The Fun Town jingle from the Fun Town amusement park on 95th and Stony Island in Chicago, the last amusement park in the city limits (1950-1982). Read the history of Fun town at The jingle was produced by legendary WVON deejay Richard Pegue (who also did the famous Moo and Oink jingles). Pegue (photo at 1:15) produced the jingle (his first) in 1970, based on a track he recorded for the Brothers and Sisters vocal group the year before. His wife, Pat James, shared composer credits. The kids speaking at the beginning are eight year-old Lorenzo Modeste and his ten year-old sister Lisa Ramirez (photo at 1:05). LYRICS: Hey Mama, Hey Daddy, Let's Go to Fun Town Fun Town, Fun Town for the Kids and You 95th and Stony Island Avenue Fun Town! If you have photos or home movies info on Fun Town please post or write to [email protected]