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Making A Dynasty: The Kardashian Jenner Story

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This Is How The Kardashian-Jenner Empire Was Built. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are an estimated 122 people in the United States with the last name Kardashian. Only one family made it famous. When I think of words to describe the Kardashian/Jenner clan, the list is polarizing, extreme and often contradictory. They are a family who built an empire by leveraging their reputation into riches at an estimated net worth of almost 1.5 billion dollars. No one could have predicted that their fifteen minutes would transform into an approaching fifteen years of fame. And yet when you ask people how they make their money, many still don’t have an answer. So, just how does one get famous for being famous? Here’s how the Kardashians turned views, likes, and notoriety into capital. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: