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5 Face Exercises You'll Wish You Had Known Sooner

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Take the quiz to find out the perfect program for your needs: So, everybody wants to know the quick poses that they can do and that they can get the most benefit out of, right? And if I introduce all of my poses (I have about 70) everybody wants to get the quick result. While there is no “one-size-fits-all” pose, today I will tell you the TOP 5 poses you wish you knew sooner! Are you ready? (Drum roll, please!) Number One: “The Big O” -Wonderful for all over blood circulation, warming up the face for practice and giving a radiant glow! Great for the cheeks! Number Two: “Yummy Face” -I wish I had known this pose because this pose will make you look happier. When you look happier, people around you treat your accordingly. A real life changer. Number Three: “Swan neck” -I love this pose because sometimes when I sit in front of a computer for a long time I feel the tightness in my neck area. This pose helps open up your neck, reduce tension and tighten a sagging neck and jawline. Number Four: “Detox” -The perfect morning pose. This one, I love to do in the morning when I want to wake myself up or when I get a little bit stressed out, I do this. This releases all that tension we build up inside of us. Powerful pose! Number Five: “Mini Facelift” -This really lifts your face and addresses the nasolabial lines and lines around the eye area, and makes your eyes wide open. Very, very beneficial. In this video, I will walk you through these 5 Quick and Powerful Poses! Take the quiz to find out the perfect program for your needs: ******************************************************************************************** Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Pinterest -