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Cursed Images but it's an actual EarthBound Hack (Part 2)

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#Earthbound #CursedImages I've seen countless of those "Cursed Images but with Earthbound music" videos, even some where they were recreated in pixel art. But I haven't seen anyone actually do a mod of Earthbound where cursed images are present! This video was principally made as thank you to those who supported me and were fans of my Earthbound-related work back in the days. Now that I'm older and possess more skills, I thought I'd go back to it for fun! Questions: Q: Do you plan on releasing this hack? A: Unfortunately, I don't have any plans to do so. This is mainly due to lacking the time to relearn everything so that the mod is bug-free and has a proper story connecting all the events. Thank you for understanding. Q: Did you make the custom sprites yourself? A: Yep! All the art was made by me. Though credits to my friend James for coming up with the name "Lung Hugger". Q: Will you do more Earthbound videos? A: Possibly. If there is a demand for it, then I might try different things! Q: How did you do (insert thing here)? A: Just comment your question and I'll be happy to explain the process! Enjoy!