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Revealing The New $30,000,000 FaZe House

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Revealing Our New $30,000,000 FaZe House Members: FaZe Kay FaZe Jarvis FaZe Teeqo FaZe Cizzorz FaZe Rain FaZe Banks FaZe Adapt FaZe Temperrr 🍉 TeaWap Brandon 🔥 NEW FaZe Clan Merch: 🔴 Watch us live: 👻FaZe Clan on Snapchat: 💻 FaZe Clan on Twitter: 📲 FaZe Clan on Instagram: 😄 FaZe Clan on Facebook: 🎮 FaZe Clan Esports Update on Twitter: Mom's Basement - The Energy Drink for Gamers by GFUEL 🥤 🤑 Discount code: "FAZE" The Headsets, Keyboards & Mice we use by STEELSERIES: 💻 The Controllers we use by SCUF GAMING 🎮 🤑 Discount code: "FAZE"