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Swamp Thing Episode 1 Review NO SPOILERS - Titans Justice League Universe

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Swamp Thing Episode 1 Review NO SPOILERS. Titans Justice League Universe, Swamp Thing Comics Explained and Story Trailer ► The Flash Season 6 Teaser - Crisis On Infinite Earths ► Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes and Future Villains ► Emergency Awesome 2017 Hype Trailer ► Covering Swamp Thing Episode 1 and the Swamp Thing Official Trailer. Episode 1 starting this Friday on DC Universe Streaming Service. Swamp Thing Comics References, connections to Titans Justice League Universe as opposed to DCTV The Flash Arrow Universe and possible Constantine Swamp Thing Crossover in the future. I'll do more Episode videos if there's enough interest from everyone! Twitch Channel Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr ::Playlists For Shows:: New Emergency Awesome ► Game of Thrones Season 8 ► Avengers Infinity War and Marvel Movies ► Rick and Morty Season 4 ► Dragon Ball Super Episodes ► Spider Man Far From Home ► The Flash Season 4 ► Deadpool Videos ► Justice League Batman and DC Movies ► Star Wars Episode 9 ► My Website ► THANKS FOR WATCHING!!