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@gastonrossato @thebarnmiami @renzorossato S4:E2: We open up and get more personal in sharing our story. Sometimes it's easy to assume when looking at our videos and instagram pages. Life looks so easy and full of $$$. That's not the case and our story will hopefully inspire some of you viewers. Anyone can do anything they desire! Gaston learned the business working with his father in a traditional used car family dealer. Then worked in the corporate wold before transitioning into a business owner. No part of the journey was easy and everyday is still a constant hustle. Key elements to be successful: 1) Consistent work and dedication. You will only get out what you put in. 2) Network: The people you know will be the ones to get you where you are going. Everyone has something to offer. Be sure to give in return! 3) Nothing worth having happens over night. Be patient! If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and subscribe! We look forward to bringing you more reviews on exclusive cars. You can Follow Gaston on Instagram & Facebook: The Barn Miami on Instagram & Facebook: to see car in inventory And Renzo on Instagram: MB01SYW3S4OY6GM