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How To Install Prefinished RetroFit Stair Treads from

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For more detailed information, visit How to install prefinished retro treads and risers from featuring the remodel of an old carpeted staircase with new, real wood prefinished Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) retro-fit stair treads and primed white retro risers only available from - the original source for the Prefinished RetroFit Stair Tread. Retro treads are a far better option for installing hardwood on your stairs than using flooring pieces and a stairnose. In this video, we'll show you how to remove the old overhang from a site-built staircase; measure, mark, and cut the new retro treads; and install them for a completely remodeled staircase without demolishing the old structure. This project can be completed by most homeowners with a basic level of construction knowledge and a few tools. A complete staircase remodel typically only takes a weekend to transform it from an old carpeted set of stairs to staircase of real solid hardwood! Visit us online at for more detailed information as well as the largest selection of wood stair components available online.