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New Ford FIGO accident by FORD company

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Ford India given a Defective Car. We send for service and they do an Accident badly, the car goes to total loss, it’s taken almost 5-month time for process, after everything happened I am car less lose 2 lakh rupees and harassing lot but ford cheating me refuse to give any compensation, very bad and hush hush experience with ford India,. Ford still not able to give answers to following points. 1. Why my car was tested on 90 – 100 kmph? 2. How could tyre burst when the car Is as new as 9 months old? 3. Why only 2 air bags were deployed, instead of all 6 when I paid more money for family safety? 4. Why they did not call me when the accident took place? I Have to bear extra expenses to travel, I’m suffering with many difficulties due to non-availability of my car. Now I am planning to take this issue to consumer forum to resolve. Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions thanks