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Where does NASA keep the Moon Rocks? - Smarter Every Day 220

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Earn your subscription? → Objectivity Vid ►► Joe's IOTBS Vid ►► ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ Brady's Objectivity Video: Joe Hanson's video on "It's Okay To Be Smart" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A HUGE thank you to Andrea Mosie - Lab Manager (You're one of my favorite people made a lasting impression!) Also thank you to: Ryan Zeigler (Apollo Sample Curator), and Curators: Charis Hall Krysher Judy Allton Linda Watts Carla Gonzalez A personal thank you to Gordon for setting this up. Checkout this picture of Curation back in the day: GET SMARTER SECTION CATALOG OF APOLLO LUNAR SURFACE GEOLOGICAL SAMPLING TOOLS AND CONTAINERS Armstrong discusses sample boxes Photo index: Vacuum processing facility ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet Ideas to me at: Smarter Every Day on Facebook Smarter Every Day on Patreon Smarter Every Day On Instagram Smarter Every Day SubReddit Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery If you feel like this video was worth your time and added value to your life, please SHARE THE VIDEO! If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars Smarter Every Day by becoming a Patron. Warm Regards, Destin