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[ EP12 ] "I am the Actor" FULL 20181201 /ZhejiangTV HD/

【Subscribe NOW】 Zhejiang TV Official YouTube Channel: Zhejiang TV Music YouTube Channel: Zhejiang TV KeepRunning YouTube Channel: 【Like us】 - ZhejiangTV Official Facebook Page - - Sound of My Dream Official Facebook Page - - SING!CHINA Official Facebook Page - - KeepRunning Official Facebook Page - [ EP12 ] "I am the Actor" FULL 20181201 /ZhejiangTV HD/ "I am the Actor" is a variety show featuring ZJTV's acting competition, with Zhang Ziyi, Wu Xiubo and Xu Zheng as mentors and Zhang Guoli as actor recommenders." I'm the Actor" is the second season of " The Birth of the Actor". Watch more: ★I am the Actor Full-episode Playlist: ★The birth of the actor Full-episode Playlist: ★SING!CHINA Full-episode Playlist: ★KeepRunning Full-episode Playlist: ★Sound of my dream Full-episode Playlist: ★So You Think You Can Dance Full-episode Playlist: