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Sajjan Raj Vaidya - Kuraakaani [Official Release]

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Official release for Sajjan Raj Vaidya's 'Kuraakaani'. Written | Performed | Produced by: Sajjan Raj Vaidya Thank you to these marvelous individuals who make the team and who make it possible for both myself and the entire team to identify ourselves as artists: Abhinav Bhatta Kailash Subedi Nurbu Lama Sharif Shrestha Shuvam Rizal Artwork by: Kailash Subedi Instagram: @kailashs Visit our website: Subscribe to Sajjan's channel: Watch all of Sajjan's videos here: Follow Sajjan on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @sajjanrajvaidya Soundcloud: © Sajjan Raj Vaidya 2019 Unauthorized replication of any content related to this video is not allowed.