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Unsuspecting MALE tarantula DODGES his HUNGRY GIRLFRIEND ..

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Attempted to pair my female Ceratogyrus darlingi (Rear horned baboon) tarantula with my friend’s male. Pairing didn’t look to be successful to me, but I still thought it’d be worth uploading the footage.. So, enjoy! :D ** This video is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only. Pulling out Baby Tarantulas from Mom ~ IT WASN'T A PHANTOM !!! Friend’s FIRST TIME rehousing Old World tarantulas !!! Friend rehouses 20 "OBT” tarantulas for the FIRST TIME !!! I sat and laughed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook page : @XoticsLair ~ Facebook group : Instagram : @exoticslair ~ @exoticslair_feedings ~ Twitter : @ExoticsLair ~ Patreon : Exotics Lair ~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music credit (from YouTube Audio Library) : Spazz Cardigan - Lucid Dreamer * THANK YOU ALL for your support !!! Alenia Heiple, Annabel Clapham, Cremexbutter, Amy Mc Donnell, Simon Young, Aaron Gamejoy. UwU