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GMAT Quant Getting Started - Part II

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The focus of this session is to get basics of the following concepts in place 1. How to solve a pair of linear equations in 2 variables? 2. How to factorize a quadratic equation? 3. How to find the roots of a quadratic equation using the formula? 4. How to convert a fraction to a percent and percent to a fraction? 5. How to compute average of a set of numbers? 6. How to find the median for a set of numbers? 7. What is the meaning of direct proportion, linked but not in direct proportion, and inverse variation? 8. Basic definitions of geometry: Line, line segment, rays, angles, vertically opposite angles, parallel lines. 9. Basic definition of circles: radius, chord, arc, sector, segment, and tangent. 10. Basic coordinate geometry: length of a line segment, slope of a line segment, quadrants