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Part 4 - Dhirendra's Life story - Queen Aishwarya, DB Lama, & Gopal Parajuli

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When queen Aishwarya got pissed off by Dhirendra's affair with Canada born British model, Shirley Greaney - she used her influence to punish the ex- Inspector General of Police DB Lama and the Dhirendra's ADC Bharat Gurung. The judge Gopal Parajuli judged against Lama in the case. Queen Aishwarya was angry because Dhirendra's wife was her youngest sister - Princess Prekshya. When things went worse and worse, Dhirendra got fed up of all this and left the country to go and live with his sweetheart. The case of DB Lama was also published in foreign media. (Nepali media at that time were not allowed to publish the news. #DhirendraBiography #QueenAishwarya #NepalRoyalty Video -