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How Smart People Play Aphelios Mid ðŸĪ” | Voyboy

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DISCLAIMER: Your IQ must be over 200 to even comprehend this video! ðŸ˜ą Good thing you guys have been saving up all those IQ points over the years for this! ðŸ˜Ī The newest high skilled champion has entered the chat and you already know our certified Boy Genius is playing him "off role". ðŸĪŠ You haven't seen Aphelios played like this! Take some notes if you wanna be the next Rick Sanchez of the Rift. 😏 Make sure to LIKE 👍 and SUBSCRIBE ( for more videos and don't forget to RING that BELL! 🔔 Follow Me! TWITCH: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT: voyboy EDITED BY: Reynevan TWITTER: ART BY: dami.exe TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: MUSIC: 3rd Prototype - After The Storm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Voyboy #LeagueOfLegends #GeniusGang