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If You Find It, You Keep It! | Hiding 10 Products In Plain Sight!

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Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡ OR HERE!! ➡ 10 Extreme Prank Products That Your Friends Won't Expect! ➡ Unboxing 10 Customized Products We Found Online! ➡ Hello friends! Do you remember playing hide-n-go-seek with your friends as a kid, well, some of you are still kids but regardless, that was/is fun right?! We took the basic principles of that game, bought ten products and hid them in plain sight in our friends apartments! If they're able to find the product then they get to keep it! Let us know in the comments whose product you wish you got to keep! TWITTER ➡ INSTAGRAM ➡ If you want to watch videos from Hi5 Studios, consider checking out these awesome videos by other channels in our network! Battle Universe ➡ Get Good Gaming ➡ ROZE ➡