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There are videos about capture, semi-capture and chase arm technique in our channel. I think it would be useful to watch it again and again. To analyze the swimming video about our friend's arm technique; Ferhat, I can see the effort to apply the half-catch arm technique in the period when you're not breathing. However, in the time period you breathe, this system is broken and the chase turns into the arm. The reason of this; while breathing the cross arm in water. Why is it buried? Because; When the arm on the side you breathe out of the water and lifts up, the body sinks relatively in the water. We feel the need to apply water into the water with the other arm to prevent this sinking. You have to delay this pressure; You can swim in the half-catch technique. If we can not provide the necessary support with the arm, then I would like to remind you that you must shoot well to fix it. If you can increase the speed by hitting the good foot, you will not have to press the outstretched arm into the water and you will be able to swim with the half catch arm. Watching the video carefully can be seen; The harmony of the arms is very good when our face is in the water. It's almost as if the hands are approaching each other. But when we breathe, be careful not to wait until the hand is buried too early in the water, waiting for the next hand. good looks .. #SerkanOzkeskin #Marmarasport #CrawlArmTechnique