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Do Not Open A Haunted Mystery Box At 3am! *Scary Unboxing*

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Do not open a haunted mystery EBAY box at 3am, it was so scary unboxing! I ordered a mystery box from EBAY and opening it up while I was in my bedroom was a complete surprise! It was hilarious to open the $50 Mystery box from Ebay and open gifts like phone cases, gum, candy, and toys, but took a scary turn with the $100 Mystery Box which included paranormal kids toys, stuffed animals, and pictures. Be sure to check out my other videos from this week where I did the Snow Bath Challenge + Orbeez Bath Challenge and did Truth or Dares that you guys sent me (Made DIY Cloud Slime, gymnastics, and musical.lys). SNOW BATH CHALLENGE + ORBEEZ BATH CHALLENGE: DO NOT TRY THE PANCAKE CHALLENGE AT 3AM (Thanksgiving Edition): CONJOINED TWIN DANCE BATTLE with REAL TWINS! Join the #ZamFam and let's hit 2.2 Million!! Make Sure To Hit the 🔔 & Turn on My Notifications 😘 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY VLOG CHANNEL: SHARE THIS! WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS! MIXING AND UNBOXING FANS SLIME THEN WEARING IT! Recreating Fans Cringy Musical.lys: FIXING SLIME CHALLENGE KIDS VS ADULTS: GIANT TRAMPOLINE IN MY HOUSE TRUTH OR DARE: RECREATING JAKE PAUL'S CRINGY MUSICAL.LYS WITH MINI JAKE PAUL: MIXING ALL MY SLIME INTO GIANT SLIME SMOOTHIE! ABC GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE: WHAT'S IN THE BOX CHALLENGE GONE WRONG! DIY MIXING AND UNBOXING FAN'S SLIME WITH KARINA GARCIA: TRYING ON COSTUMES WITH A PREGNANCY BELLY: RECREATING DANCE MOM'S CRINGY MUSICAL.LYS WITH NIA SIOUX! HALLOWEEN CLOTHES SWAP CHALLENGE: SLIME HALLOWEEN COSTUMES VS REGULAR HALLOWEEN COSUTMES: TRYING ON 4 YEAR OLDS CLOTHING (RECREATING FOREVERANDFORAVA'S INSTAGRAM PHOTOS) $1 VS $50 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES 99 CENT STORE CHALLENGE: RECREATING MY CRINGY CHILDHOOD PHOTOS! DIY GIANT ORBEEZ SLIME IN AN 8FT BALLOON! Hi, I'm Rebecca and welcome to the #ZamFam. I love making videos that make you smile and laugh, and I especially love connecting with every one of you! I'm married to Matt Slays, I have two dogs named Peanut and Blackjack and I currently live in Los Angeles. If you're new to my channel leave a little note about yourself so I can get to know you as well! Thanks for watching! GET MY DOCUMENTARY ON ITUNES: STALK ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: Twitter: RebeccaZamolo SnapChat: rebeccazamolo Facebook: PERISCOPE: REBECCA ZAMOLO FOLLOW MY COUSIN BEATRICE MUMBLESTEEN TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: GET MY MERCHANDISE!! SEND FAN MAIL TO REBECCA AND BEATRICE! 12021 Wilshire Blvd #714 Los Angeles, Ca 90025 LOVE YOU #ZAMFAM!! Check out our latest 3 Marker Challenge Video here: And our latest 24 hours video here: