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Halik Recap: Who's the real victim?

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Halik Recap Week 18 - Part 1 Halik December 10 - 12 Episodes Marissa (Niña Dolino) bids an emotional farewell to Jade (Yam Concepcion) after deciding to stay with a relative in the province. Having no one else to lean on to during her delicate pregnancy, Jade pleads with Lino (Jericho Rosales) to help her. Worried about what Jade might do, Lino arrives at an important decision for the sake of her unborn child. His family, however, refuses to support his idea. Meanwhile, Ace (Sam Milby) is determined to use Jacky (Yen santos) in order to return to MonteCorp. The Bartolomes are dismayed when Jade (Yam Concepcion) moves back into their house. Later, Lino (Jericho Rosales) reveals to Jacky (Yen Santos) that Jade is carrying Ace's child. Enraged, Jacky teaches her former husband (Sam Milby) a lesson. Meanwhile, Jade finds a way to protect the future of her unborn child. She soon makes a shocking revelation to Marissa (Niña Dolino). Marissa (Niña Dolino) vows to make Ace (Sam Milby) pay for assaulting Jade (Yam Concepcion). Worried about her best friend, Marissa then asks for a private meeting with Lino (Jericho Rosales). There, she surprises him with her news regarding Jade. This later causes Lino to explode with rage. Soon, another tension ensues between Lino and Ace. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Entertainment channel! - For outside Philippine Viewers, click here: Visit our official website! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Recap Cast: Yen Santos (Jacky) / Jericho Rosales (Lino) / Christian Bables (Barry) / Hero Angeles (Ken) / Ruben Gonzaga (Samson) / Lowell Conales (Pancho) / Amy Austria-Ventura (Dolor) / Crispin Pineda (Ed) / Sam Milby (Ace) / Daisy Cariño (Fe) / Yam Concepcion (Jade) / JC Alcantara (Bogs) / Cris Villanueva (Paeng) / Almira Muhlach (Helen) / Miguel Vergara (Lino’s nephew) / Lei Andre Navarro (Ronron) / Harvey Bautista (Choi) / Precious Miel Espinoza (Camille) / Uno Bibbo (Dos) / Niña Dolino (Marissa) #Halik #HalikRecap