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【纯享】周华健蒋一侨《那女孩对我说》唱出情深无奈!好听到颅内高潮耳朵怀孕!《我们的歌》EP6 20191208 [东方卫视官方HD]

#ShanghaiMediaGroup #OurSong #our song #feiyuqing #HackenLee #JenHsien-chi #luoqi #TimmyXu #liuyuning #zhoushen #LilGhost #NaYing #WakinChau #TanyaChua #ChristopherWong #xiaozhan #ayunga #MimiLee #jiangyiqiao 【MUSIC】XIANZHAN&NAYING “那女孩對我說” - “OUR SONG” EP6 20191208 Welcome to subscribe to the official channel of SMG Shanghai TV: The most popular Chinese variety - subscribe to the official channel of China Dragon TV: Subscribe to SMG drama Channel: ◆ New Variety Show Recommendation 《Our Song》HD Full: 《China's Got Talent》S6 HD Full: 《Go fighting!》S5 HD Full: 《Equation of Life》 HD Full: 《Digging for Comedian》 HD Full: 《Top Funny Comedian》 HD Full: 《New Dating in China》 HD Full: 《Super Diva》 HD Full: 《We are in Action 3》HD Full: 《We happy few Special edition》 Full: 《Guess what》 HD Full: 《Applause China 2》 HD Full: Recommendation of Documentary Film 《We Human World 2》HD Full: 《China now》HD Full: 《Futuristic Invitation》HD Full: 《Live on patrol·Prequel》HD Full: 《Live on patrol 2018》HD Full: 《HEROES》HD Full: 《Poetry Calligraphy Painting》HD Full: ◆ Reality Show Recommendation 《Go fighting!》S4 HD Full: 《Go fighting!》S1 HD Full: 《Go fighting!》S2 HD Full: 《Go fighting!》S3 HD Full: 《Flowers On Trip》 HD Ful: 《Sisters Over Flowers II》 HD Full: ◆ Comedy Recommendation 《Top Funny Comedian 4》HD Full: 《Tonight Live Show》HD Full: 《Golden Night》HD Full: 《Legend of Laughter 》HD: 《Xiaoao Jianghu 3》HD Full: ◆ Others Recommendation 《New Dating in China》HD Full: 《Chinese Dating》HD Full: 《The Next》The Next HD Full: 《The Next2》The Next II HD Full: 《The Jinxing Show》The Jinxing Show HD Full: 《Dream of Decoration IV》 HD Full: Welcome to SMG official page to join discussion. Follow us at ★Facebook: ☆Twitter: ★Go Fighting Facebook: