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SAD! [BO2 Clip Edit] ft. Ryxn #T3CDUALS

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Haha tugo idk y the contest was a troll but whatevz xD This took me and Ryxn around 2-3 weeks because we had AE problems lmao. but it was really fun to make. My part was shit tbh because i had an error when I tried to add cc and stuff. I really hope you guys enjoyed it coz wee diiiddd ;) My Part: 0:12 - 0:38 Ryxn's Part: 0:38 - 1:16 Check out Ryxn: T3C: Song (SAD! - XXXTENTACION): Free Intro Form: (CLOSED) of26JQ Thank you for watching this video If this happens to be the first video you've seen by me then please do consider for more videos :) And I Will See You In The Next Video Click Here To So You Can Never Miss A Video