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Robert Pattinson Has Reinvented Himself

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Robert Pattinson and has, against all expectations, pulled a complete “180” with his acting career. For a while there, it appeared Pattinson would never escape the label of sparkly, bloodsucking heartthrob. But despite the A-list status earned by his starring role in the Twilight saga, Pattinson quickly took his career in a new direction, gravitating towards smaller, more artistic films. These films have turned out to be much better suited to Pattinson’s talents, allowing him to show his range as well as his gift for creating unique accents and speech patterns. As he becomes increasingly more fascinating to watch on screen, he seems to have really found his sweet spot. Perhaps we should extend a nice, warm "thank you" to the Twilight saga for introducing us to the phenomenal talents of both Pattinson and his co-star, Kristen Stewart. If you’re in the mood for more blatant gushing about our favorite onscreen performers, don’t miss our videos on the enduring charms of late legends Anton Yelchin and Heath Ledger, or our glowing profiles of Angela Bassett, Nicole Kidman, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.