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Agust D '대취타' MV - REACTION

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● More reactions on Patreon! Hey, I made this video cause... who could wait on Agust D... There's a few times where my mic cut out slightly (I am still waiting on one piece of equipment so hopefully you can makeout what I'm saying). I hope you can enjoy nevertheless. Full mixtape review will be going up on Patreon later today. See ya next time! Social Media! ● Twitter 🐦 - ● Twitch 🎮 - ● Instagram 📷 - ● Discord 🤝 - Intro Song - Tobi Lou - Knock Knock Original Video - #anthonytoo #AGUSTD #대취타 Business Only Email [email protected] 💜 As always, thank you to the people that go above and beyond to support me and my channel on Patreon: agirlikeme Katie Jackie Kendrick N. Chism Will Wonders Thanks for Watching!