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Zombie Pumpkin - Halloween 3D Pumpkin Carving

27,827 views 127 7 Zombie Pumpkin - 3D Pumpkin Carving, is simply, I believe, one of my best works this year. Carving 3D pumpkins has become, to me, a great way to reach out to other people who are interested in how to carve pumpkins in a way that is simple and fun, but yet challenging. How I carve my pumpkins is not only fun but relaxing as well. While carving 3D pumpkins, I am taken to that place in my mind where the only thing that exists is the imagination. If you would like to start carve pumpkins but have no idea where to start, YouTube is a great place to watch videos about how to carve pumpkins for ideas and inspiration. To me, how I got inspired to start carving pumpkins was to watch Ray Villafane's and John Angevine videos and how these guys carve their pumpkins. Simply amazing! My pumpkins are children's play compared to theirs. I recommend you buy Ray Villafane's tutorial videos, which I did, that way you can be taught the basic principals he uses to carve pumpkins. Here is a link to these videos you can buy from Amazon: If you are interested in buying the tools he and I use, here is the link to those as well: Check out Ray's YouTube Channel here: Check out John's YouTube Channel here: I also have other videos that show basically the same thing: Also, please like and subscribe if you like the content here: How to carve pumpkins Carving a pumpkin Carving pumpkins How to carve a pumpkin #paulomachadopumpkins #pumpkin #pumpkincarving #3Dpumpkincarving #carvingpumpkins #3Dpumpkins