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Learn To Swing On The Bar Like A Pro

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Bar Swing tutorial where you get to learn how to swing like a street workout freestyle pro. Learning how to swing is important to generate power for your street workout freestyle skills and combos. Learning this will make it easier to have enough speed for swing 360 or swing 540 when you are attempting to learn those skills. How to START with street workout freestyle: Make sure to subscribe: I started this new series with tutorials for athletes and people that want to learn street workout freestyle / Freestyle calisthenics moves. My goal is to teach others to be able to easier learn the moves and add them to there training and combos. At the same time grow and contribute to the community of street workout and calisthenics athletes all over the world and make the sport bigger. For business or contact: [email protected] My website: Social media: Snapchat: Daniel.Flefil #streetworkout #freestylecalisthenics #tutorials