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my possibly offensive unpopular kpop opinions (please read the description)

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these are just my honest opinions! please don't get offended since I do support all the idols/groups I talked about in this video. I don't intend to personally attack any of these idols so I do apologize if it does come off that way. All the idols in this video are extremely talented, beautiful and amazing people. These are just my opinions (not facts, just what I think of things) and I'm very sure there are so many people who disagree with me. Also please do not take my opinion and make it seem/take it as the worst of things (although it may have been my mistake by not being clear enough in the video with the words I have used/how I explained things) for example when I say Blackpink's songs are getting worse. I'm not trying to say their songs now are necessarily bad, they're just not as great as their past songs (but still, I do support them and these comebacks). Thanks for listening to my ted talk, I just wanted to further explain things since I did fail to do that in this video and I am sorry for that. Follow me on social media! :) ❥ Twitter: ❥ Instagram: