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ROSE TINTED CHEEKS *2016 rough draft*

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a 2016 rough draft of this idea that would have made the album FLOWER BOY. lyrics below. i never had the courage to tell you i adore you i did it in a song i was too afraid to call you im sorry i know im annoying i just want your attention ever since i saw you knew nothing was important your gravity is too strong its fucking up my orbit contact avoided by the time i record this i just want you to listen everytime i see you, you brighten up my day you’re cashmere to my cotton and i wished you felt the same more options in the alphabet i know ill be OK no i wont its them rose tinted cheeks they black flag we AF we BF as AF but they wont get that thats that 20 century women reference you so hard to get like intricate metaphors companies? i own four but all i want is yours hit the plex and catch a band or sushi spot i recommend float around hitting wheelies leg or engine based it all depends either one is cool to me and you’re way too cool for me ima freeze to death tryna keep up thirsty i am i may need three cups eye contact speeding down the 5 in my newest ride you was kinda high speakers mild high track 10 track 10, dirtbike afternoons as long as pale skin is near i didnt have to leave the room switch gears roamed around around fell in love broke my leg and got stuck what the fuck hit my head, wait, i wish you would fall in too i said i wish you would fall in and snap them legs cause ima be stuck here until im dead and gone i remember when we first met my eyes, like jeans too tight, i couldnt take em off you you’re precious metal i was a magnet just looking ive been searching for something but didnt know what i was looking for then you popped and it became so clear like that water up north, so clear im intimidated by your existence flustered because of your presence your absence leaves me in a state of confusion i cant function, i cant explain it im aware enough to know this is just a temporary pool of emotion but since im here, i might as well drown please dont save me