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Aliexpress Horror Story + Crazy A$$ Vendor | STORYTIME

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Have no fear, even youtubers get sent crappy hair sometimes! It's SO important to do your research before buying anything or agreeing to review it! Be careful babes & stay beautiful ♡ The name of the store was 'VNBHair'. It is no longer a vendor on Aliexpress. (Thank God) Be sure to check out Sky's Channel + Video: Channel Link: Storytime Link: Let's Connect: Instagram ⇸ Twitter ⇸ Snapchat ⇸ kngkat Send Me Letters/Cool Stuff: (I'll write back and send goodies) PO Box 17348 Memphis TN 38187-0348 FTC Disclosure: All brands featured in this video were purchased by me with no intent of product promotion. Affiliate links may appear within description box.