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Fly vs Jerk 5 - EPISODE 5 - The Dark Side of Pike Fishing

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The concept that changed everything is back! Two methods, three days, four anglers - this is Fly vs Jerk 5. Which method is the best - fly or jerkbait fishing? In this Fly vs Jerk, Team Fly with Niklaus Bauer and Thomas Søbirk fishes against Team Jerk with Stefan "Trumman" Trumstedt and Claes "Svartzonker" Claesson in an epic battle between the two fishing styles. The teams have three days and are free to go wherever they want within Sweden and their mission is to catch as many and as big pikes as possible... Directed and produced by Pontus Sjölund and Johan Ruhe. Copyright 2013 This is the fifth of six episodes of Fly vs Jerk 5 - The Dark Side of Pike Fishing. Instagram: Subscribe to our channel kanalgratisdotse: