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Gelecekte hangi mesleği seçmeliyim?

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SUBSCRIBE ► MY ALL VIDEOS ► Do you know what is one of the questions that I'm most afraid of? The first question asked to the warm the atmosphere when you go to a barber or take a taxi: "What do you do for a living?" When I face with this kind question I want to answer "I busy my self with trifles." but I don't. Nowadays, I want to say "YouTuber", but I don't know if it would be understood. Then I want to say: "Founder and creative director of a multidisciplinary digital media agency" which I cannot say. The job I did 5 years ago will be total nonsense: "Techonology evangelist in a company that produces design softwares for creative professionals". Then I tend to say the job I did 10 years ago. Because the computer is common in all the jobs I did, I just say "computer operator". Then of course you have to be prepared for the second question: "The other day, one of my nephews inserted a CD to my computer and some virus or something is spread or something, lots of windows opens up and it disgraces me for everyone, how can we fix it?" Of course, nephew! Then try to explain them that you are not that kind of an operator. When I struggle through all these "defining profession" efforts, all hell breaks loose when the other person asks where I graduated from so as to help me: "I graduated from Law school." Then I add because of the confused glances: "There were no Youtube schools 20 years ago." The world changes rapidly, folks. There was no internet connection when I started working, well we cannot say there is now since it disconnects too much. Do you what we are going to say when we go to a barber or take a taxi in the future? "Barbers were human 20 years ago" or "Taxis wouldn't drive themselfs 20 years ago, humans would." Robot barber or artificially intelligent taxi won't be so shocked when we say these. Too dramatic? Let me go further. The departments you study or the schools you are graduated won't matter. I don't mean to say that proffesions or schools will end. Their traditional definitions and functions will change. The full text of the video, resources and links are on my website: Movies: Central Intelligence (2016) The Theory of Everything (2014) Higher Learning (1995) ADT ► READ ► WATCH ► VLOG ► ~