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Tamás Horvát- Near by Tisza (Official Music Video)

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Gig Order: [email protected] 0630 727-6646 Buy Disk: Follow on Facebook! Folllow on INSTAGRAM: MUSIC: HORVÁTH TAMÁS TEXT: HORVÁTH TAMÁS STUDIO: SUBECZ TAMÁS PUBLISHER: HUNGARO SOUND CLIP: Almost ALREADY TEXT: Near by Tisza ref. It's raining let it rain! Your hand is in my hand. I see our hearts fly by. Storm afterwards rainbow. Summer sunlight, moonlight, Be mine, the day after tomorrow. Meet me at the river, See ya' at the Tisza. Verse 1. How many times I called your name. Watched your eyes from far away. Implored to God to make you notice the signals, but he just laughed. I know that I am simple, I am driven by my thoughts. When I see you, My blood over flows, I'm done for. ref. Verse 2. I nicely asked you to give me a chance, don't hope die out. You know my heart is like my mouth, I 'm walking on a straight path yet. I will no longer cheat on myself, In preference I choose someone else. I know life will be fair if I will be that as well. I ennunciate that: YOU ARE EVERYTHING! and I love you very much. You will be my wife, you will see, petite girl, Don't be late! See you at the Tisza. ref. 3x