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FOR EVERY ACTION IS A REACTION BOTH GIRLS HAD TO SIGN WRITTEN UP CONTRACTS BY MY LAWYER ABOUT THIS CONTENT AND FOR COMING TO MY HOME AS THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. BECAUSE WE DID A VIDEO WE ARE BEST FRIENDS AGAIN? NO THIS WAS DONE BECAUSE IT HAPPEN PUBLIC AND A SORRY WAS NEEDED WE ARE NOT BEST FRIENDS AGAIN BUT WE ARE CIVIL ARE GROWN. Y’all know what happened last year December. Me and Vanessa was very good friends or shall I say best friends. But I was hurt towards her due to a conversation I saw I was very hurt I felt so much betrayal because the love I Had for her she was my sister. So I kept that hurt in. And I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and that's not okay. I am not proud that Vanessa as been feeling down and in a dark place because I said something that made people come for her. I want it to be clear I oversaturated with 4 MAN A WEEK. I have said sorry to both girls And I would appreciate it if everyone can just let it go. Me and Vanessa was bestie. I DONT know if me and her will ever be how we was but God always has a way of working But I will always love Vanessa Sometimes when your hurt and someone you loved so much hurts you. You only see red and you want to hurt that person back so they could feel the same pain. So much was going on and a lot of people was mixing things up in both ears There's so many girls that watch my channel and look up to me and I DONT want girls to think it's okay to fight people to supporters We are all human we have emotions and we all hurt. But I'm truly sorry. I am not proud of my actions . Thank you for watching πŸ’– ABI CHANNEL Sc - abigailasante Insta - abigailasante_ Twitter - abigailasante___ black girls can come together and do better And be positive and work things out. We can all be great and do well and I hope this shows you timing is everything and you need time to get over the pain before you can move on. Forginess is the first step to healing. LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE!!!!!