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I Bought 10 Products With The FUNNIEST Amazon Reviews!

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CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE ON AMAZON REVIEWS ➡ Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game! IT'S BACK IN STOCK!! ➡ 10 Products That'll Make You Never Have To Leave Your Room! ➡ 10 Dollar Store Products You Can Re-Sell for More! ➡ Hey, do you like a good meme? Welp, if ya do, you're really gonna enjoy todays video because it is one big meme fest! We searched and bought 10 products from Amazon that have some of the funniest reviews that were left by customers who also bough the product, However, there's a twist and we need your help! We wanted to challenge the customer by leaving our own funny review! Now, I know what you're thinking, why do you need my help? We need your help because you can vote using the polls down below to let us know who review was funnier! We're excited to see the results! TWITTER ➡ INSTAGRAM ➡ If you want to watch videos from Hi5 Studios, consider checking out these awesome videos by other channels in our network! Battle Universe ➡ Get Good Gaming ➡ ROZE ➡ Totally Trendy ➡