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finger knitting Tips || cap design for kids / baby & ladies topi bunai knitting pattern tips.

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finger knitting Tips || cap design for kids & ladies topi bunai-knitting pattern tips. Welcome to the knitting design & pattern idea with the latest video of Finger knitting tips for ladies & baby \ kids cap (topi) knitting design bunai in hindi. This is the best cap knitting design for ladies but you can knit or bunai to kids or baby girls. you can purchase bulky yarn or wool through below link. How to knit or bunai topi for baby girls and ladies in the different style is the main target of this video and update new knitting design weekly in Hindi. Kindly comments if have any problem with knitting topi or cap. Knitting Design Pattern Idea Playlist- Watch for more design. 1)- Two colour Sweater Design- 2)-Scarf knitting Design Pattern- 3)-Scrolled Sweater Border Cum Design Knitting Pattern- 4)- Ladies & gents Sweater Border Knitting Pattern- 5)-Gents & ladies Half & full Sweater Design Knitting Pattern (ladies & gents) Watch the video in Hindi for latest knitting/ Sweater designs and Patterns, so also share comments and suggestion. #KnittingDesignPatternIdea# #FingerKnitting# #TopiBunai# #CapKnitting# #KidsCapKnitting# #LadiesTopiKnitting#